RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 969 - Gold (Gold)
969 - Gold (Gold) class misc
weigth 20
NPCbuy 100000 OC 124000
description A valuable metal in bullion form. Its used to make coins, jewelry and gaudy false teeth.

Weight : 20
Drop by Leak (60%)Golden Thief Bug (30%)Maya Purple (3%)Cat o' Nine Tails (0.18%)Leib Olmai (0.15%)Am Mut (0.15%)Solid Leib Olmai (0.15%)Golden Vepr (0.09%)Mineral (0.06%)Cobalt Mineral (0.06%)Increase Soil (0.06%)Pot Dofle (0.06%)Solid Mineral (0.06%)Elusive Mi Gao (0.06%)Plasma Ringleader (0.03%)Furious Dokebi (0.03%)Grand Peco Ringleader (0.03%)Solid Grand Peco (0.03%)Miming Ringleader (0.03%)Miming (0.03%)Plasma (0.03%)Grand Peco (0.03%)Dokebi (0.03%)
Fenris (75%)Fenris (75%)Shandalar (60%)Treasure Chest (60%)Rupoldic'h (45%)King Kiasok (30%)Gondar Dragon (30%)NachtStern (18%)Golden Savage (15%)Golden Poring (0.3%)Infinite Dokebi (0.03%)
  • show/hide Decorative Golden Bell Decorative Golden Bell from Nehris_1 in yuno_in03
  • show/hide Crown of Ancient Queen Crown of Ancient Queen from Nehris_1 in yuno_in03
  • show/hide Crown of Mistress Crown of Mistress from Nehris_1 in yuno_in03
  • show/hide Hat of the Sun God Hat of the Sun God from Hat store girl_new30 in alberta
  • show/hide Grief for Greed Grief for Greed from Traveler_head in comodo
  • show/hide Golden Key Golden Key from Baba Yaga_rus32 in mosk_dun02
  • show/hide Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon from Arissa in izlude
  • show/hide Flash Arrow Flash Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW
  • show/hide Oridecon Arrow Oridecon Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW

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