RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 993 - Green Live (Yellow Live)
993 - Green Live (Yellow Live) class misc
weigth 5
NPCbuy 500 OC 620
description A blue-green ore imbued with a faint, mesmerizing light. Possesses the Earth Property and forms the enchanted stone, Great Nature, when refined.

Weight : 5
Drop by Tri Joint (4.8%)Hode (3.6%)Furious Hode (3.6%)Mantis (3.3%)Swift Mantis (3.3%)Goblin (3%)Vitata (2.7%)Horn (2.4%)Solid Horn (2.4%)Muka (2.1%)Muka Ringleader (2.1%)Wormtail (1.8%)Wormtail Ringleader (1.8%)Mandragora (1.5%)Andre (1.5%)Solid Nephentes (1.5%)Solid Andre (1.5%)Solid Mandragora (1.5%)Nepenthes (1.5%)Plasma (1.2%)Stapo Ringleader (0.3%)Stapo (0.3%)Gold Two-Horn Scaraba (0.12%)Gold Rake Scaraba (0.12%)Gold Antler Scaraba (0.12%)Gold One-Horn Scaraba (0.12%)Scaraba (0.06%)Scaraba (0.06%)Antler Scaraba (0.06%)Rake Scaraba (0.06%)Swift Uni-horn Scaraba (0.03%)Elusive Antler Scaraba (0.03%)Furious Rake Scaraba (0.03%)
Ferre (30%)Ferre (30%)Infinite Tri Joint (4.8%)Infinite Muka (2.1%)Muka (2.1%)Infinite WormTail (1.8%)Infinite Andre (1.5%)Mandragora (1.5%)
  • show/hide Blue Potion Blue Potion from Wizard Guildsman in gef_tower
  • show/hide Zeleny Prasek Zeleny Prasek from Zelmira_barvy in payon
  • show/hide Stone Arrow Stone Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW

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