RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 526 - Royal Jelly (Royal Jelly)
526 - Royal Jelly (Royal Jelly) class misc
weigth 15
NPCbuy 3500 OC 4340
description Highly nutritious jelly secreted by honeybees. Used to feed bee larva and future queen bees.
Cures every abnormal status; Recovers 250 HP.

Weight : 15
Drop by Pharaoh (100%)Mistress (100%)Violy (42%)Solid Violy (42%)Swift Violy (42%)Elusive Violy (42%)Solid Enchanted Peach Tree (30%)Live Peach Tree (30%)Giant Hornet (16.5%)Giant Hornet Ringleader (16.5%)Zipper Bear (12%)Listicka (7.5%)Nine Tail (7.5%)Vitata (6%)Elusive Luciola Vespa (6%)Luciola Vespa (6%)Freezer (4.8%)Solid Freezer (4.8%)Freezer Ringleader (4.8%)Heater (4.2%)Kobold Leader (3%)Vanberk (0.3%)Swift Vanberk (0.3%)Anolian (0.15%)Furious Anolian (0.15%)Swift Poison Toad (0.06%)Savage Ringleader (0.06%)Solid Savage (0.06%)Savage (0.06%)Poison Toad (0.06%)
Baphomet (100%)Mistress (90%)Mistress (90%)Nine Tail (7.5%)Leonardo (4.8%)Rafaelo (4.2%)Savage (0.06%)
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  • script itemheal rand(325,405),rand(40,60); sc_end SC_POISON; sc_end SC_SILENCE; sc_end SC_BLIND; sc_end SC_CONFUSION; sc_end SC_CURSE; sc_end SC_Hallucination;

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