RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 518 - Honey (Honey)
518 - Honey (Honey) class misc
weigth 10
NPCbuy 250 OC 310
description A sweet product made by bees that is endowed with yummy flavor and medicinal uses.
Recovers a small amount of HP and SP.

Weight : 10
Drop by Mistress (100%)Eddga (100%)Leak (75%)Toad (60%)Giant Hornet Ringleader (36%)Giant Hornet (36%)Teddy Bear (30%)Swift Teddy Bear (30%)Zipper Bear (27%)Solider (25.5%)Solid Solider (25.5%)Creamy Fear (16.5%)Leib Olmai (15%)Solid Leib Olmai (15%)Solid Draco (15%)Draco (15%)Chung E (15%)Bigfoot Ringleader (13.5%)Bigfoot (13.5%)Vitata (10.5%)Vitata (10.5%)Elusive Luciola Vespa (9%)Luciola Vespa (9%)Gold One-Horn Scaraba Egg (6%)Gold Rake Scaraba Egg (6%)Gold Antler Scaraba Egg (6%)Gold Two-Horn Scaraba Egg (6%)Swift Creamy (4.5%)Creamy (4.5%)Elusive Hornet (4.5%)Hornet (4.5%)Rake Scaraba Egg (3%)Elusive Disguise (3%)Antler Scaraba Egg (3%)Scaraba Egg (3%)Scaraba Egg (3%)Disguise (3%)
Infinite Eddga (100%)Mistress (100%)Eddga (100%)Infinite Toad (60%)Chung E (15%)Infinite Bigfoot (13.5%)Creamy (5.4%)
  • show/hide Honey Grape Juice Honey Grape Juice from Charles Orleans_cook in prt_castle
  • show/hide Vigorgra Vigorgra from Alchemist_sign in alde_alche
  • show/hide Honey Herbal Tea Honey Herbal Tea from Slecna Sekretarka in prt_fild00

  • script itemheal rand(70,100),rand(20,40);

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