RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 522 - Mastela Fruit (Fruit Of Mastela)
522 - Mastela Fruit (Fruit Of Mastela) class misc
weigth 3
NPCbuy 4250 OC 5270
description A shiny, purple fruit picked from the boughs of the Mastela tree.
Recovers a great amount of HP.

Weight : 3
Drop by Dracula (100%)Succubus (45%)Incubus (45%)Furious Explosion (12%)Explosion (12%)Grand Peco Ringleader (9%)Solid Grand Peco (9%)Grand Peco (9%)Tengu (4.5%)Dark Illusion (3.6%)Uzhas (3%)Creamy Fear (1.5%)Blue Plant (1.5%)Permeter (0.75%)Giant Hornet (0.36%)Giant Hornet Ringleader (0.36%)
Michelangelo (0.75%)Corrupt Orc Baby (0.03%)Corrupt Desert Wolf Baby (0.03%)Corrupt Familiar (0.03%)Corrupt Orc Warrior (0.03%)Corrupt Desert Wolf (0.03%)Corrupt Phen (0.03%)Corrupt Orc Zombie (0.03%)Corrupt Verit (0.03%)Corrupt Megalodon (0.03%)Reaper Ankou (0.03%)
NPCsell Vegetable Gardener#hu on hugel per 8500 zeny

  • show/hide Kafra Band Kafra Band from Yvonne in aldebaran
  • show/hide Fialovy Prasek Fialovy Prasek from Viola_barvy in geffen

  • show/hide Mastela Fruit Mastela Fruit from Elin in alberta
  • script itemheal rand(400,600),0;

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