RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 512 - Apple (Apple)
512 - Apple (Apple) class misc
weigth 2
NPCbuy 7 OC 8
description A round, edible fruit that, when eaten once a day, keeps the doctor away.
Recovers a small amount of HP.

Weight : 2
Drop by Solid Lunatic (100%)Swift Poring (100%)Mastering (100%)Chepet (100%)Little Poring (100%)Deviling (100%)Lunatic Ringleader (60%)Lunatic (60%)Drops Ringleader (33%)Drops (33%)Poring (30%)Elusive Poring (30%)Furious Poring (30%)Poring Ringleader (30%)Stapo Ringleader (30%)Stapo (30%)Drops (24%)Drops Ringleader (24%)Little Poring (15%)Poporing (7.5%)Swift Poring (4.5%)Elusive Poring (4.5%)Furious Poring (4.5%)Poring Ringleader (4.5%)Poring (4.5%)Aster (3%)Zipper Bear (2.7%)Angeling (0.84%)Elusive Poporing (0.15%)Furious Poporing (0.15%)Poporing Ringleader (0.15%)Poporing (0.15%)
Gourd (100%)Chepet (100%)Baby Poring Ringleader (100%)Deviling (100%)Lunatic (60%)Mime Monkey (30%)VaaNocnik (30%)Infinite Poring (30%)Santa Poring (30%)Poring (30%)Poring (30%)Poring (30%)Baby Poring Ringleader (15%)Infinite Poporing (7.5%)Poring (4.5%)Infinite Poring (4.5%)Poring (4.5%)VaaNocnik (4.5%)Santa Poring (0.21%)Infinite Poporing (0.15%)
NPCsell Paddler#ein on einbroch per 15 zeny
Vegetable Gardener#hu on hugel per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#lhz on lighthalzen per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#lhz2 on lhz_in02 per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#mosk on moscovia per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#prt on prontera per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#ra on ra_in01 per 15 zeny
Tool Dealer#um on um_in per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#ve on ve_in per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener on dewata per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#iz on izlude per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#ma on malaya per 15 zeny

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  • show/hide Apple Apple from Mark_ein in einbroch
  • script itemheal rand(16,22),0;

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