RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 5116 - Banana Hat (Banana Hat)
5116 - Banana Hat (Banana Hat) class equip weigth 20 NPCbuy 10 OC 12
Slots 0 DEF 1 REQlvl NA
Equipable on Head top REQJob Novice Swordman Blacksmith Hunter Assassin Crusader Monk Sage Rogue Alchem Bard/Dancer Mage Dancer Taekwon StarGladiator Soullinker Gunslinger Ninja Archer Acolyte Merchant Thief Knight Priest Wizard Refinable yes
description A hat made in the image of a banana peel, the key ingredient for the most basic practical joke since immemorial times.
Just looking at it causes a primal reaction of pure rage.
Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 3 Provoke on the enemy when attacking.
Equipped on : Upper
Typ: Armor
Defense: 1
Equip: Head Upper
Vaha: 20.0
Oblecou: Vsechny classy
Drop by Lady Tanee (30%)Wootan Shooter (0.3%)Wootan Fighter (0.15%)Furious Wootan Fighter (0.15%)
  • show/hide Banana Hat Banana Hat from Olaf_n in new_zone03
  • script bonus3 bAutoSpell,"SM_PROVOKE",3,30;
    Combo NA

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