RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 1036 - Dragon Scale (Dragon Scale)
1036 - Dragon Scale (Dragon Scale) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 250 OC 310
description An iridescent dragons scale that is tough enough to protect from weather and most forms of harm.

Weight : 1
Drop by Petite (100%)Acidus Ringleader (100%)Deleter (100%)Deleter (100%)Solid Acidus (100%)Acidus (100%)Acidus (100%)Ferus (100%)Furious Ferus (100%)Ferus (60%)Draco (30%)Elusive Zhu Po Long (30%)Solid Draco (30%)Dancing Dragon (30%)Swift Novus (17.67%)Solid Novus (17.67%)Novus Ringleader (17.67%)Elusive Novus (17.67%)Novus (17.67%)Novus (17.67%)Mutant Dragon (15%)
Acidus (15%)Mutant Dragon (7.5%)
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  • show/hide Raccoon Hat Raccoon Hat from Vending Machine in xmas
  • show/hide Chef Hat Chef Hat from Vending Machine in xmas
  • show/hide Anti-Dragon Medicine Anti-Dragon Medicine from Babka korenarka in hu_fild02

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