RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 1559 - Legacy of Dragon (Legacy Of Dragon)
1559 - Legacy of Dragon (Legacy Of Dragon) class Book weigth 70 NPCbuy 10 OC 12
Slots 0 ATK:MATK 130 REQlvl 70
WeaponLVL 4 REQJOB Sage StarGladiator Priest PROPERTY Neutral
description A book in which the origin and history of dragons is written. Its a treasure that is said to be passed among the dragon race.
INT + 3
Pierces Defense of Dragon monster.
Recover 10 SP every time you kill a Dragon monster.
Typ: Zbran
Level: 4
Attack: 130
Druh: Book
Vaha: 70.0
Min.Level: 70
Oblecou: Priest,Sage,StarGladiator
Drop by Mutant Dragon (3%)
Mutant Dragon (1.5%)
  • show/hide Anti-Dragon Medicine Anti-Dragon Medicine from Babka korenarka in hu_fild02

  • script bonus bInt,3; bonus bIgnoreDefRace,RC_Dragon; bonus2 bSPGainRace,RC_Dragon,10;
    Combo NA

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