RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 7511 - Rune of Darkness (Rune Of Darkness)
7511 - Rune of Darkness (Rune Of Darkness) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 1263 OC 1566
description A dark rune with ancient writing engraved inside it.

Weight : 1
Drop by Skeggiold (100%)Skeggiold (100%)Skogul (100%)Frus (100%)Solid Skogul (100%)Skeggiold (30%)Skeggiold (30%)Skogul (15%)Frus (15%)
Evil Believer (100%)Frus (100%)Evil Shadow (48%)Evil Shadow 2 (48%)Evil Shadow 3 (48%)Skeggiold (15%)Skeggiold (15%)
  • show/hide Unsealed Magic Spell Unsealed Magic Spell from Defaria_moc2 in mid_camp
  • show/hide Old Blue Box Old Blue Box from Alex in hu_in01
  • show/hide Splendide Coin Splendide Coin from Wuhari_eclbig in eclage
  • show/hide Cerny Prasek Cerny Prasek from Cerna_barvy in niflheim
  • show/hide Arrow of Shadow Arrow of Shadow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW
  • show/hide Flash Arrow Flash Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW

  • script NA

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