RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 748 - Witherless Rose (Witherless Rose)
748 - Witherless Rose (Witherless Rose) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 27500 OC 34100
description A symbol of eternal love, this enchanted rose will never wither. However, it is rare and expensive.

Weight : 1
Drop by Mavka (9%)Wild Rose (1.5%)Iara (1.5%)Furious Wild Rose (1.5%)Solid Iara (1.5%)Obeaune (0.9%)Flora (0.03%)
Obeune (1.8%)Deepsea Mermaid (0.45%)
NPCsell Flower Girl#lhz on lighthalzen per 55000 zeny
Gift Seller#xmas on xmas_in per 55000 zeny
Trader#moc2 on moc_ruins per 55000 zeny

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  • show/hide Memento Memento from Feylin in niflheim

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