RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 528 - Monster's Feed (Monster's Feed)
528 - Monster's Feed (Monster's Feed) class misc
weigth 15
NPCbuy 30 OC 37
description Processed food that is normally fed to monsters.
Recovers a small amount of HP.

Weight : 15
Drop by Matyr (100%)Hell Poodle (100%)Elusive Grove (60%)Green Iguana (60%)Wolf (31.5%)Hill Wind (30%)Cramp (30%)Tarou (30%)Engkanto (30%)Tarou Ringleader (30%)Elusive Hill Wind (30%)Swift Hill Wind (30%)Wild Rose (18%)Furious Wild Rose (18%)Kukre (15%)Swift Wolf (4.5%)
Infinite Green Iguana (60%)Infinite Wolf (31.5%)Hill Wind (30%)Ancient Kukre (7.5%)
NPCsell Item Collector#alb on alberta_in per 60 zeny
Tool Dealer#hu2 on hu_in01 per 60 zeny
Merchant#lhz on lhz_in03 per 60 zeny
Item Collector#moc1 on moc_ruins per 60 zeny
Item Collector#moc2 on moc_ruins per 60 zeny
Butcher#prt on prontera per 60 zeny
Tool Dealer#um on um_in per 60 zeny

  • show/hide Stone Stone from Fisherman in ayothaya
  • show/hide Old Purple Box Old Purple Box from Saraman in veins

  • script itemheal rand(72,108),0;

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