RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 516 - Potato (Sweet Potato)
516 - Potato (Sweet Potato) class misc
weigth 2
NPCbuy 7 OC 8
description A tuber that can be fried, baked, boiled, mashed, even eaten.
Recovers a small amount of HP.

Weight : 2
Drop by Swift Coco (100%)Bigfoot (45%)Bigfoot Ringleader (45%)Smokie (24%)Furious Smokie (24%)Willow (21%)Willow Ringleader (21%)Coco (15%)Solid Coco (15%)
Infinite Bigfoot (45%)Infinite Smokie (24%)Infinite Willow (21%)Coco (15%)
NPCsell Vegetable Gardener#hu on hugel per 15 zeny
Vegetable Gardener#lhz on lighthalzen per 15 zeny
Vegetable Gardener#lhz2 on lhz_in02 per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#mosk on moscovia per 15 zeny
Vegetable Gardener#prt on prontera per 15 zeny
Vegetable Gardener#ra on rachel per 15 zeny
Tool Dealer#um on um_in per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener on dewata per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#iz on izlude per 15 zeny
Fruit Gardener#ma on malaya per 15 zeny

  • show/hide Yam Yam from Defaria_moc2 in mid_camp
  • show/hide Vodka Vodka from Destilator in comodo

  • show/hide Potato Potato from Silk Sand Camel in ve_fild07
  • script itemheal rand(15,23),0;

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