RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 7434 - Elemental Potion Creation Guide (Elemental Potion Book)
7434 - Elemental Potion Creation Guide (Elemental Potion Book) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 50000 OC 62000
description A book with the tagline, Even Porings can make Elemental Potions with this book! on the cover.
The methods for creating Elemental Potions are detailed inside this book.

Author : Pisrik Quve.

Cold Resist Potion:
3 Heart of Mermaid
1 Blue Gemstone

Thunder Resist Potion:
3 Moth Dust
1 Blue Gemstone

Earth Resist Potion:
2 Large Jellopy
1 Yellow Gemstone

Fire Resist Potion:
2 Frill
1 Red Gemstone

Weight : 1
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