RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 7319 - Used Iron Plate (Old Steel Plate)
7319 - Used Iron Plate (Old Steel Plate) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 512 OC 634
description A battered iron plate that seems to have fallen off some machine.
It might be handy for covering a hole in another machine.

Weight : 1
Drop by Removal (100%)Remover Ringleader (100%)Waste Stove (100%)Dimik (60%)Dimik (60%)Dimik (60%)Dimik (60%)Swift Dimik (60%)Pitman (15%)Elusive Pitman (15%)
Machine Component GC109 (60%)Machine Component DR815 (60%)T_W_O (60%)Lockstep (15%)Kickstep (9%)
  • show/hide Inferno[1] Inferno[1] from Ingrid in que_ng
  • show/hide Destroyer Destroyer from Vanessa in que_ng
  • show/hide Crescent Helm[1] Crescent Helm[1] from Kovar in einbech
  • show/hide Rusty Arrow Rusty Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW
  • show/hide Steel Arrow Steel Arrow skilem AC_MAKINGARROW

  • script NA

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