RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 722 - Pearl (Scarlet Jewel)
722 - Pearl (Scarlet Jewel) class misc
weigth 10
NPCbuy 3000 OC 3720
description A pink jewel that is the birthstone for people born in June.

Weight : 10
Drop by Mistress (90%)Mastering (30%)Shelter (30%)Elusive Mistress of Shelter (30%)Medusa (7.5%)Swift Medusa (7.5%)Myst Case (4.5%)Sea Otter (4.5%)Sea Otter Ringleader (4.5%)Furious Myst Case (4.5%)Christmas Cookie (1.35%)Giant Hornet (0.6%)Giant Hornet Ringleader (0.6%)
Infinite Sea Otter (4.5%)
NPCsell Jeweler#moc_reb1 on moc_ruins per 6000 zeny
Jeweler#moc_reb1 on moc_ruins per 6000 zeny

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