RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 537 - Pet Food (Pet Food)
537 - Pet Food (Pet Food) class misc
weigth 1
NPCbuy 500 OC 620
description Sterilized food that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals. Some Cute Pets will feed on this.

Weight : 1
Drop by Baby Leopard (15%)Butoijo (15%)Matyr (12%)Hell Poodle (12%)
Santa Poring (100%)
NPCsell Pet Groomer#bra on brasilis per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#gef on geffen per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#yuno on yuno per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#lhz on lighthalzen per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#moc on moc_ruins per 1000 zeny
Tool Dealer#nif on nif_in per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#pay on payon per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#prt on prontera per 1000 zeny
Tool Dealer#um on um_in per 1000 zeny
Pet Groomer#iz on izlude_in per 1000 zeny

  • show/hide Pet Food Pet Food from Box_khp1 in kh_vila
  • script itemheal rand(50,90),0;

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