RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 5113 - Angry Snarl (Angry Mouth)
5113 - Angry Snarl (Angry Mouth) class equip weigth 5 NPCbuy 10 OC 12
Slots 0 DEF 0 REQlvl NA
Equipable on Head lower REQJob Novice Swordman Blacksmith Hunter Assassin Crusader Monk Sage Rogue Alchem Bard/Dancer Mage Dancer Taekwon StarGladiator Soullinker Gunslinger Ninja Archer Acolyte Merchant Thief Knight Priest Wizard Refinable no
description A headgear that finally allows its wearer to express inner rage or slight disgust.
Breathe new life into your Bunny and Kitty Band by looking like an angry kitty or bunny.
Equipped on : Lower
Typ: Armor
Defense: 0
Equip: Head Lower
Vaha: 5.0
Oblecou: Vsechny classy
Drop by Teddy Bear (1.5%)Swift Teddy Bear (1.5%)Goblin Leader (0.3%)Hylozoist (0.03%)
  • show/hide Pumpkin-Head Pumpkin-Head from Poutnik in nif_fild01

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