RENEWAL > PRE NAME(ID) 2119 - Advanced Arm Guard (Improved Arm Guard)
2119 - Advanced Arm Guard (Improved Arm Guard) class equip weigth 15 NPCbuy 20000 OC 24800
Slots 0 DEF 45 REQlvl 50
Equipable on shield REQJob Ninja Refinable yes
description A wrist protector, designed exclusively for the Ninja class, that has been enhanced with high Magic Defense by a gifted artisan.
MDEF + 5
Typ: Armor
Defense: 4
Equip: Shield
Vaha: 15.0
Min.Level: 50
Oblecou: Ninja
Drop by
  • show/hide Bomber Steak Bomber Steak from Toshu in que_ng

  • show/hide Advanced Arm Guard Advanced Arm Guard from Basshu in que_ng
  • script bonus bMdef,5;
    Combo NA

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